Scattered Thoughts

Hello! My first ever blog post and hopefully not the last as I am excited to see where this takes me! My name is Michael and I am a black man suffering with mental health issues. I deal anxiety and depression on the daily. Using the blog, I wish to air out issues that affect me and to talk about whatever comes to mind . Not all of it will be depressing (hopefully!) but I have my moments and throwing it out in the open helps a ton.

These last two weeks have especially been bad for me. My anxiety has gotten to the point I could barely concentrate on any of my work, which is hell for me as I also feel as if I’m wasting time thus leading me to beat myself up for it.

The holidays, money, people, work and a lot of personal issues have been dragging me down leaving me exhausted. As of now, I feel much better venting here.

I’ll also throwing up short stories I have written. I love writing. Currently, I am working on so many projects to where I barely have time for any other hobby of mine. As I had heard, that’s how life goes.

Writing helps keep me focused and relaxes me. My goal is to have at least one novel finished by next year and I hope to broadcast that journey here along with other feelings of mine.  I hope you join me.

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