Instead of editing the two short stories I had in the works since November or working on my novel, I chose to spend my weekend playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Kinda… but you know…

Oh well. It happens.

I know how procrastination can be a pain, but it shouldn’t define you. Some days are more productive than others and that’s okay. It is important to have a set routine and force yourself to stick with it every single day. If you can’t do it one or two days, should you really gripe about it? Nah. You don’t have time  to do any of that. Pick yourself up the next day and hop back to it.

That’s how it was for me after the game’s launch day and I’m sure others feel the same. And sure, another round of Smash sounds good on that day you are supposed to be working, but stay strong. Work somewhere else away from distractions if you must.

When you feel you have done enough, reward yourself, of course! Just get that work done!