I love Kanye West. I’ve been a huge fan of his since his debut album, The College Dropout and I believe that without his music, I never would have gotten into writing in the first place. His music is extremely influential to me and has helped me tremendously with my battle with depression. It’s very therapeutic to me.

However, I do not condone any of his antics and politics he has displayed in 2018. As a black man and as a fan, it was a huge stab in the heart when he came out his 2017 hiatus endorsing Trump while preaching alt-right nonsense from characters like Candace Owens. It had got so overwhelming to see someone I looked up to as a hero fall so low and although he has done some good since his announcement to stay away from politics, for many, the damage has already been done.

Recently, he has gone on a Twitterstorm attacking fellow rapper and collaborator, Drake. It had all began with Drake wanting Kanye to clear a sample for him so that he may release his mixtape, So Far Gone on streaming services. The latter took offense to this asking him to apologize for what has happened over the past summer. (If you don’t know what transpired, I highly recommend checking out the video below)

The timestamp is 4:48 if it does not work.

Drake had finally called, but Kanye chose not to clear his sample because…

It was the tweet that shook Twitter and it felt like everyone was glued to their screens as he went on his 80 tweet rant about Drake.

While admittedly, I had enjoyed myself, but halfway through, I felt sick to my stomach wanting him to stop. The more he tweeted, the more it appeared he was having a breakdown right before our eyes and suddenly it wasn’t funny anymore.

But let’s back up to 2017 where Kanye was clinically diagnosed with bipolar disorder following a mental breakdown the year prior. He mentioned on numerous occasions that he prefers not taking meds because it interferes with his creative process that comes from his disorder. He’s falling apart and I would rather have no music than have him hurt himself, but he pushes away those who want him to seek help. Unfortunately, you cannot help those who are unwilling to help themselves.

I truly wish the best for Kanye West and I believe he should seriously reconsider his stance on taking his medicine and seeking help from others. Wake, Mr. West.