Nostalgia: I want to go back.

This is my favorite time of year. The cold snowy weather, the leaves changing and falling, gray clouds and the tinge of nostalgia I get.

Everyday I wish I could go back to how things were when I was younger when I had way less worries than I do now. It’s not just me, I am sure millions of others feel this way. When I look back on all the fun times I’ve had, I wonder if that’s all I will ever have.

I’ve been listening to Tyler, The Creator’s album, Flower Boy and if you haven’t gotten the chance to hear it, I strongly recommend you get on that if you’re a fan of rap and hiphop. The album explores various themes including nostalgia and how we all must eventually grow up. This is reflective on the artist himself who had previously made music that was considered “edgy” or “horrorcore”; Flower Boy is a huge departure for him.

November is my favorite track on the album which dives into Tyler, The Creator’s insecurities in the first half and his longing for the past in the second.

Throughout the song, he mentions Take me back to November and Tell me what’s your November. In the context of the song, November is either a person you have had a special connection with in the past or maybe an event. For me, my November is the entirety of 2015 back in my home state. So many memories made with friends during that time as well as personal growth for me. It’s hard to not think back.

Take me back…

I have people that care about me these days, and I’m grateful, but I can’t seem to stop reminiscing on my November. I question myself daily, “was that it for me?”

What’s your November?

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  1. 2013, that’s my November, my life started to fit completely and make sense, then stuff happened that put me back in a more anxious and depressed state. Now I’m slowly making my way out but do wish I could be back there right now..Great post by the way.

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