Does your mind ever just wander off to a different place? Does it do so constantly? I’d say I’m the king when it comes to drifting off to some other place in my head. Often times I would think about conversations that may never occur at places such as work and they’re usually various scenarios on how I’ll finally quit my lousy job (lol). Anxiety overwhelms me making conversations with people a chore, so I picture the perfect conversation with a person and run down a list of do-says and don’t-says. When it’s not either, I could be imagining myself as a billionaire that’s set to change the lives of people around me. That dream happens often.

At home, I could be reading a book, for example, Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban (by the way, this is my first time going through the series and I’m absolutely in love) and during a lengthy paragraph, my mind would ditch the story and wander off elsewhere. Eventually, I would snap from my trance leaving me to reread the entire page once more because I lost track of what I was reading.

I took to Google in order to understand a little more on why I am affected by any of this and I believe the reason for some of my fairy tales is because I crave validation. When life is overwhelming and my mind seeks to find refuge in fantasy.

My constant daydreaming can have its benefits I think. Sometimes while writing, I can imagine up some of the most detailed and vivid places as well some funny or witty dialogue. Or maybe that’s all in my head too?