Lucky had it all. She was groomed, well fed and most of all, spoiled. Her owner Amelia was a gentle and kind elderly woman that found the little fur ball all alone on the side of a busy intersection several years back. Since that day, the two have been inseparable and have lived alone in a giant mansion for years. 

With crimson-like fur, olive green eyes and three odd spots atop her head, Lucky was a very unusual cat. Amelia never minded that at all as she was quick to name the bizarre cat, “Lucky”.

“Only God could have created such a fortunate miracle. We were lucky to have found one another,” Amelia had often told Lucky.

But all of that changed when Amelia’s caregiver found her dead one early morning.

A few days later, relatives that Lucky had never seen before flooded the house and took things which infuriated Lucky.

These people were never here for her before, Lucky thought to herself.

She watched as they lifted her owner’s belongings and carried them to their cars. She listened as they talked about how much money they might earn from selling her items.

Hissing had done nothing to scare away the intruders. They promptly ignored her and carried on.

“Can we keep it?” A child asked his mother, gesturing toward Lucky.

His mother looked Lucky in the eyes with disgust before saying, “Henry, you know where your grandmama found this… thing, right? Near the garbage. Where it belongs. Now go help your dad move that TV.”

That broke Lucky. 

Without thinking, she hurled herself toward the woman’s right thigh and clawed and bit into her as hard as she could.

“Eck!” the woman screeched as she kicked Lucky multiple times. Still, Lucky ran back for a second and third round, scraping her each time.

Before Lucky knew it, an enraged and muscular man grabbed and swung her out the house. Fortunately, Lucky landed on her feet. Not skipping a beat, she rushed back to the mansion. Sadly, the man slammed the front door denying any entry.

The family ignored Lucky as she scrapped the door and bellowed sad meows. No longer was she allowed in the only place she called home. Bitterly, she had to leave without saying goodbye to her one and only friend.

She ambled away miserably as the small bell around her neck jingled.

It was now dark and Lucky was still roaming the streets as several vehicles zoomed by. Eventually, she found herself by a shopping center where she spotted the tiniest rodent she had ever seen. It looked distressed, wandering by a glass door.

Her stomach was grumbling, and that pudgy carrot-colored creature appeared appetizing.

The last thing she ate was the food the caregiver left behind before she called up the family. That felt like centuries ago to Lucky.

“No… no… can’t do that… oh no… what to do… what to do…” the rodent mumbled, paying no mind to the looming danger behind it. 

Lucky carefully crept to not scare her pray. Never has she eaten a live animal before, but that didn’t stop her instincts from kicking in. Finally, in position, she swiftly pounced on the rodent and tried to swallow it whole. Her inexperience showed as the animal squirmed from her clutches and easily maneuvered around her.

“STOP! STOP!” the rodent shouted. That didn’t stop Lucky, however. She dived for her meal over and over, failing each attempt.

“Just stay still!” Lucky hissed.

“What?! No! I don’t have time for this! I have things to do!”

Lucky gave up and collapsed alongside the stressed creature and wept. “I-I can’t even catch a RAT,” she moaned. “What good am I?”

“I’m a hamster. Not a rat,” the hamster corrected. “There’s actually a big difference between the two and I really don’t like rats because-”

Lucky’s sobbing only grew louder, disregarding the banter.

“Listen,” the hamster started. “Can’t you do this somewhere else? I have my own set of problems right now and I need to think. Can’t do that with you here balling your eyes out.”

“I-I’m sooo hungry! I miss Amelia…! Why? Why did she leave me?!”

The hamster inspected Lucky and was surprised once he noticed her fur. “Unusual,” he said. “Are you truly a feline? I have to say, I’ve seen anything like you before.”

Lucky sniffed and said, “I don’t know what I am… Only Amelia knows and she’s… I’m just going to die here… I don’t want to live anymore…”

“Can’t you have your crisis elsewhere?” the hamster complained. “My friend is locked away here. I got to bust him out.”

Lucky examined the glass door and the sign hanging above it with watery eyes. She couldn’t read what it said.

“Petland,” the hamster said. “Those apes snatched him up when we were just looking for food.”

“J-just walk in then,” Lucky said, still weeping.

“Tried. The humans must have locked it. Now he’s in there howling up a storm.”

Lucky didn’t notice it before, but sounds were coming from inside the shop. As the hamster said, there was a lot of howling going on. She stood herself up and wiped the tears away.

“He’s a dog, but he’s… he’s my best friend. I must help him.”

“I’m sorry for… attacking you,” Lucky said. “M-my name is Lucky by the way.”

“The name is Almond,” the hamster said.

“Did your owner name you that?”

“No. I never had a human. I am the 5th born. My mother had 13 of us. Whatever, I have things to do. I forgive you now leave me to it.” He went back to pondering his next move.

“Y-you said you were looking for food, right? If I help you can you guys help me?”

This offer perplexed Almond. He wondered if Lucky could be trusted after the affair from earlier. But, he was out of options.

“You got yourself a deal… for now.”

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