So, I haven’t exactly been keeping up with my blog or my writing lately. There’s a good reason for that! Honestly!

Last week was an extremely busy week for me with too much happening at once. My mom had surgery for a hernia and now has to take off work and stay at home (have to help her out a lot more now), one of my best friends was laid off work so now I’m helping them by driving to places to fill out applications. And finally, I had to help another friend move from one place to another seeing as how I promised that a while ago.

While I may struggle with mental health issues, I’ve learned to put all that behind me when it comes to helping out the people in my life. I have to be there for each of them in their time of need. Unfortunately this comes with the sacrifice of both my time and money but what can I do? 😅

I have recently heard that happiness comes from meaningful relationships and helping those around us and now I’m going to stick with that.

I’m exhausted but I’m so excited to get back on WordPress and back to blogging!