“Look, you’re always perfect to me. And you should love yourself no matter what.”

Title: Sarah’s Scribbles (Book 1)
Author: Sarah Andersen
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Genre: Comic & Graphic Novels
Length: 112 Pages

I’ve followed Sarah’s comics online for the past few years and had just learned she was putting out a book. Adulthood is a Myth: A Sarah’s Scribbles Collection features select comics found on Sarah’s website along with all-new works exclusive to this book. Each comic focuses on issues many young women face in their everyday lives and while her stories target women, men can enjoy her unique and funny drawings.

See, while Sarah gives commentary on body image, introversion, relationships and more, as a 23-year-old male, I related to her struggles as I read over each panel.

The comic below captures everything I adore within her scribbles.

Here, it tackles Sarah’s unhealthy obsession with junk food (something we can all connect to) and a terrible overeating problem. Sarah draws up this wonderful scenario with a humorous tone letting the audience know the author has been in there before and that it shouldn’t drag anybody down.

Speaking of humor, I feel that is something these comics excel well at. While I have not laughed out loud to any of them, a great majority squeezed a chuckle or two out of me here and there. It’s the combination of the simplistic art style and lighthearted, funny dialogue kept me turning pages until it was over.

Sarah’s Scribbles may not be the most well drawn comic (that’s why she calls it scribbles in the first place, right?) but the upbeat nature, relatable situations, funny dialogue and great characters are all this series needs. I loved the first book so much that I ordered the second just so I can get my fill. Give this series a try if you’re looking for something light and engaging to read.