Credit to the original artist. I can’t find where it originates from so I apologize in advance if there are any issues.

Yesterday, I posted my impressions on Sarah’s Scribbles (spoilers if you don’t want to read, I really loved it) and it got me thinking back on my first love: drawing.

Back when I was much smaller, I didn’t enjoy doing things other boys found fun. Instead, I found myself at the library either reading manga like Dragon Ball or drawing up my own comics. I still have most of those drawings to this day!

I drew up my own characters, settings, and scenarios which were all heavily inspired by what I watch on TV and read. Anime, video games, and manga were my jam back in those days so it was only natural I wanted to do my own thing.

But something changed after high school. I got a lot busier. My first job, going to college at the time and saving my pennies to get my first car. Drawing suddenly took a back seat to writing fiction.

Now, after reading Sarah Anderson’s webcomics, I feel the need to roll up my sleeves and hop back into it. My art style is very sloppy after all these years, but that is to be expected. I miss the feeling of drawing so much.

Are there any hobbies you fell out of love with, but pick it back up years later?