Sometimes my life can feel absolutely mundane. I wake up exhausted, do the same thing every single day, and head back to bed feeling exhausted. The same routine day in and out. The same faces daily. And the same old problems following me.

I wish I had a better paying job.

I wish I can travel the world like others.

I wish I didn’t have anxiety and depression holding me back from my fullest potential.

Some days I like to daydream exploring the country and beyond, mapping up every place and person I meet in my journal. I’ve heard that constant thought like these can have a negative effect on a person, but it’s what keeps me going when books, video games and music doesn’t quite do the job.

I see stories and pictures from people out and about and I desperately wish that was me as well. I’m only 23 and yet I feel the need to break out of my everyday chains binding me to the ground.