Avery and the Intruder.

Deep within a secluded and forgotten park filled with numerous trees, weeds and bushes, is where Avery and his mob of tough looking creatures live. Avery’s base of operations was in an abandoned children’s treehouse on one of the tallest trees of said park, his hired goons assist him up to the top with a little payment that is.

And what is this payment?

Marbles. The shinier the better. In this wild world, animals who own the most marbles can practically do whatever they want like securing land or boss around others. Animals with the highest set of marbles are known as Royalty and they sit at the top of the pecking order ladder.

Every animal in the world wants those tiny, precious, beautiful orbs because of this! So many animals will do dirty grunt work under other animals for a few marbles.

But what about the animals who have no interest in hoarding marbles?

They’re deemed as lesser beings and forced out of their residence unless they pay the price to stay. In Avery’s case, those who wish to stay in his land must cough up 25 marbles a day.

Today, after teaching Felix a lesson earlier, Avery returned to his treehouse for a nice meal and a relaxing nap. However, his daytook a turn for the worst when he saw an intruder wrecking his goons and stealing his supply of stolen cuisine.

“WHAT IS GOING ON AND WHO ARE YOU!?” Avery screamed, hopping over toward the intruder. “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!? AVERY VONS HARE!”

“O-Ki-kee,” the stranger chuckled. “My apologies. I know who you are, Avery. Eekeekee.”

On closer inspection, the outsider appeared to be a small and tanned monkey who seemed nonchalant about his actions.

“We… tried to stop him, Avery…” a defeated tortoise groaned.

“He barged in looking for you… we weren’t strong enoughto hold him down,” a battered fox mumbled.

“Pathetic!” Avery declared. “All of you are pathetic. I will take all of your marbles after I deal with this.”

“O-Ki-kee, I’ll be happy to take their marbles… sir Avery. My name is George and I would like to work for you,” the monkey said bowing. “For the right amount of marbles, eekeekee.”

Avery hesitated to continue talking to the trespasser, but there was something about the primate that kept Avery’s attention. He showed how strong he was just now, and Avery sincerely wanted more manpower to make himself look more intimidating. He wasn’t content with having just a park. He wanted more.

“… How much are you charging to work under me?” Avery asked.

“About… sixty marbles a day? Maybe seventy? I haven’t exactly decided my price range yet, but I know I don’t want to work like a peasant. Eekeekee.”

“You bust into my home, beat my pets and demand that many marbles!? I say, you know who I am but at the same time you don’t! With or without you, I’ll still be at the top and with that said, I need you to leave.”

But George was not set on leaving just yet.

“O-Ki-kee, look at these weaklings you call your pets. They can’t even guard your home from someone like me. Things are changing out there in the wild each day and you would be wise to get more competent animals on your side, eekeekee. You want to be at the top, right? Well, it will take a little effort, and some marbles spent to get there. There are many tough creatures out there gunning for the throne.”

While Avery contemplated, his goons laid in agony as they begged their boss to not consider the monkey’s proposal. The marbles they were making, and the safety of Avery’s name was on the line for them.

“You win,” Avery began with a sigh. “My first order: Get rid of these guys and bring me back all the marbles they have. I don’t care how long it will take just get it done.”

“MASTER!” one of his servants cried.

“As you wish. You know, master Avery, I think this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship.”

As told, George spent hours removing the former grunts from Avery’s territory while also collecting their marbles. Avery wondered if he had made the right decision hiring the buffoon, but thoughts of losing hisspot at the top soon clouded his mind. He already had to share the throne with other animals, but if he can recruit even tougher beasts, no one could stand up to him.