Felix and Avery’s Partnership.

After an encounter with Avery Vons Hare, Felix decided that the best course of action was to leave the former’s domain. As sun beamed, the gang worried (internally, neither will admit it) about their next shelter to escape the heat. They skipped past gardens filled with beautiful flowers, mean looking animals, and of course, bountiful amounts of lovely trees.

All this walking started to annoy Lucky. At any given moment she was ready to collapse and throw in the towel for the rest of the day. Possibly forever. Back when Amelia was alive, walking up and down a flight of stairs once per day was all the physical activity she had. Still, Felix praised her earlier and she wanted to prove herself to him yet again.

“How long has it been now, Felix?” Almond asked. “I’m getting a little hungry now.”

“I lost track of where we are,” Felix responded disgracefully. “…and you’re always hungry.”

Abruptly, Lucky had no energy to keep walking. She stopped and watched both Felix and Almond continue without her.

Almond came to a halt once he noticed her absence.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“I-I thought you knew where we were going?” Lucky questioned Felix.

The sweet sounds of birds humming blanketed the silence among the trio.

“I lost track of where we are,” Felix sighed. “I’ve forgotten just how big his area is?”

Lucky decided to ask a question that had been sitting on her mind.

“Who is Avery to you?”

Felix gasped, but quickly regained his composure.

“Let’s not talk about him, okay?”

“Now wait one second, Felix,” Almond started fiercely. “I want to know the answer to that question as well. I mean, everyone around these parts know Avery, but he seemed to have known so much about you. At least, that’s my observation.”

Huh, so even Almond doesn’t know, Lucky thought.

“…It was a short while before I met you, Almond,” Felix conceded. “I used to be Avery’s… attack dog.”

HUH!?” both Lucky and Avery screeched.

“K-Keep it down,” Felix stuttered embarrassingly.

“My, my, Felix. What a bombshell that was. Mind giving us a little more backstory?” Almond requested.

Felix was extremely reluctant to carry on the conversation, but soon Almond’s pleasing eyes changed his mind.

“Whenever someone didn’t pay up their debt, I was the one who went after them. I knew a thing or two about intimidation, so it was easy for me to put the pressure down on his victims.”

“Makes perfect sense,” Lucky said. She wholeheartedly agreed with the intimidation part as just being near Felix caused her hair to stand straight. Obviously, she couldn’t tell him that though as she was afraid of what he might say.

“It was like that for months,” Felix continued. “Until I came to the realization that he was shorting me on my marbles.”

“No!” Almond shrieked.

“What’s a marble?” Lucky asked confused.

Felix ignored her and carried on.

“You see, when I volunteered to work for him, we came to an agreement that I take half of the marbles I collect during my runs and it was like that for a while. But something changed. He no longer felt the need to pay me such a generous amount of marbles.”

“How could people be so darn greedy!?” Almond gasped.

“…I still don’t know what a marble is,” Lucky muttered.

Felix took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

“So, one night, I was fed up with Avery. My goal was to move higher up the pecking order, but the hare was obviously not about to let that happen. I marched to his treehouse and barked up a storm until he came down and challenged me to a fight. My thought process was this: Take Avery down, secure his marbles and become the top dog. But things never work out as they should. Unbeknownst to me, he had gathered animals who were willing to work for a smaller amount of pay. I realized I was fired from the job when those same animals surrounded me and attacked me.”

Lucky couldn’t help but notice the scratches and bruises all over Felix.

“Eventually, I met you Almond… and the rest was history… I don’t want to be here anymore so let’s keep walking.”

Felix took off and Almond quickly tagged alongside him, leaving Lucky to wallow in her thoughts.

I can’t do this anymore. If that’s what life is like in the wild, then I would rather be dead… this is all so terrifying, she thought.


A loud, screechy laughter came from seemingly nowhere. The trio, frightened, frantically searched for the source of the noise. Up, down, left and right they looked, but nothing caught their eyes.

“Now what was that?” Almond asked, trying to catch his breath. “Scared the living daylights out of me.”

Felix was still on guard. His eyes darted across the area as he growled through his teeth. Something was on its way, but he couldn’t tell exactly what it was.

“More t-trouble?” Lucky asked in a shaky voice as she moved in closer to Felix.

A nimble monkey leapt in front of the gang with a wide smirk and shifty eyes.

“O-Kee-kee, how are all of you doing today, eekeekee? There’s a “passing by” toll in Master Avery’s territory now if you haven’t heard. Please fork up all of your marbles if you wish to continue.”