Here we are at six chapters in under two months with more on the way. I feel now would be the best time as any to give some background information of just what inspires As Luck Would Have It.

But first, let’s do some background info. Honestly, the story came from a whim one day when I decided I wanted to do a short story on a group of animals traveling around a huge city. I knew right away I wanted the protagonist to be a female cat with a weird quirk about her (that ended up becoming her crimson fur). As for traveling companions, my first draft featured a nameless turtle as I adore reptiles. However, it was quickly scrapped because turtles are naturally slow creatures and I needed an animal that was agile. This is where Felix, the scarred canine, came in.

As for Almond, the hamster, he is a homage to this story’s biggest inspiration, a Japanese animated series known as Hamtaro.

Hamtaro aired its English dub from 2002 to 2004 and while it was a success in Japan, it bombed horribly in the United States. Only 105 of the original’s 296 episode count were dubbed. Still, I loved this series to bits when it first premiered on Cartoon Network back when I was much younger.

The premise of the show was fairly simple, Hamtaro is a curious hamster who ventures from his home daily for a new adventure with his friends known as The Ham-Hams. The hamsters of the series have their only little language as well as places built by various other hamsters. I was always intrigued by how alive the world seemed and making a story with animals in their own world with set of rules was something I felt I needed to do.

We need to get Hamtaro released on Blu-ray or something. I would totally buy 5 copies of each set if it came down to it haha.

Thank you for reading.