Lucky runs away.

Lucky was the first of the three to rise from their slumber. “Come on, come on, come on! Get up, get up, get up,” she shouted repeatedly into Felix’s ears. Of course, he wasn’t fond of this wakeup call so he angrily barked back.

“We have enough food for another day!” he said. “We can wait until tomorrow.”

“Don’t you want even more food?” Lucky asked. “We can build a mountain of the stuff!”

Almond was constantly tossing and turning because of their talking. “Can’t you guys take this elsewhere?” he grumbled. “I’m really sleepy…”

“Fine,” Lucky said crossly. “I’ll head on out there myself.”

Apparently, this was enough to jolt Felix to his paws. “No! Under any circumstance are you to go out there alone! You’ll wait until we’re fully awake before you do anything!”

“B-but–” Lucky spluttered.

“End of conversation. You are part of this group and being in this group means we stick together. Copy that?” Felix questioned angrily.

Lucky did not bother putting up a fight and left with Felix as soon as he was prepared. Still a bit heated by his exchange with Lucky (and the fact they already had enough food for the day), he still felt it was right to say what he had to say. She didn’t like it, but he was hoping she would come around… eventually.

Felix spent the majority of the time in the garbage bins while Lucky anxiously waited for him to finish. She paced around the area Felix searched hoping to catch a glimpse of a certain animal. Felix wasn’t too concerned with what she did as long as she stuck by him.

“Oi! We meet again!” A familiar voice said heartily.

“Cyrus!” Lucky shouted eagerly.

Felix quickly crawled out of the trash can and was immediately disgusted by the sight of Lucky embracing the grimy mammal. “You’re going to get your fur dirty, Lucky!” he shouted, drawing toward her with a glare still fixated on Cyrus.

“Me got brothers, me like ya to meet back at me ol’ backyard. Ya wanna come?” Cyrus asked eagerly.

“So that’s why you were in such a rush,” Felix interjected, watching at Lucky now. “The answer is no.”

Cyrus appeared offended by this. “Oi, she can speak fer herself! Ya should beat it before me round up me posse and show ya a thing or two, yeah?” He eyed up the unflinching Felix as if he was ready to go into battle at any second.

Felix scoffed at the threat. “Bring it then,” he said. “You really want to test me? Because I’ll show you why I look the way I do.”

The two glared at one another for the longest time until Lucky intervened. “P-please don’t fight,” she said, moving in between the two.

Cyrus backed away from them and said, “ya is lucky she is so nice! If it was me, ya’d be ten feet under.”

“I don’t know about that one,” Felix growled. He then looked over to Lucky with a tad bit of anger in his eyes. She instantly looked away afraid that she would be chewed out at any moment. She was surprised when she heard him simply say, “come.”

As the two walked back to their campsite, Lucky looked back at her crush and saw him mouthing something. It appeared as if he was saying, “cometonight!”

Felix and Lucky didn’t bother conversing on their fifteen-minute walk back to Almond. Lucky commented a few times on the nice sunny weather they were having, but Felix ignored her flatly.

What’s his problem? She thought. Why is he so mad that I have a friend and not him? Well, I guess Almond is his friend, but still! I, like him, should be able to choose my own friends. He’s not the boss of me! These constant negative thoughts swarmed into her head until Almond asked about their trip.

“Not much today,” Felix spoke. “Found some moldy bananas… overall a wasted trip.”

Lucky could feel the anger-filled heat resonating from Felix, but she pretended not to notice. After all, he seemed ready for her to say something so he may have a reason to release his frustration. She kept to herself for the rest of the day until nightfall came. She pretended to sleep waiting for Felix to doze off. Almond was already off to dreamland, but Felix was a little more unwilling to snooze in case of danger.

Finally, after what seemed to have felt like hours, Felix was snoring, and Lucky was free to leave. She tiptoed slowly across blades of grass and tiny tree branches as she feared Felix was a light sleeper and would awake to her leaving. Luckily for her, his snores drowned out the small amounts of noise she was making.

“I’m sorry, Felix,” Lucky whispered. “But I’m not as helpless as you think I am. I can watch over myself too. I’ll be back before you know it…”

And with that, she left both Felix and Almond and sprinted toward the meetup place and hoping that Cyrus would be there. However, there was something… ominous about the night. As Lucky ran, she passed many trees filled with many strange creatures she couldn’t make out in the darkness which kind of spooked her. She felt as if she was being watched at all angles.

It’s okay, she told herself. Maybe they’re just being nosy. I have nothing to fear!

She made it out of the dense woods and into the neighborhood where Cyrus, along with two other animals, sat and conversed with one another. Cyrus noticed her immediately and called her over.

“Oi! Ya made it! Come. Let us go home!”