I made a post earlier last month about my overthinking tendencies, but I thought I would expand more into that subject.

Lately, there has been a lot on my mind and I seem to have trouble keeping up with most things. I forget a lot. I’m thinking about my personal life and the people within it; if it’s not that, then it’s money and bills; if that ain’t it then it’s about keeping up with my blogging/social media and wondering what sort of interesting topics I could write about; or it could be about the state the world is in now (the shooting in New Zealand had me depressed for a good while); and if a thought hasn’t gone toward any of these subjects, then surely it’s about my writing. I go to bed each night constantly thinking about time and wishing I had more of it.

I have days where my mind is free of disturbances and I can write freely, but those days have been far and few in between during the entirety of last month.

During conversations with people, I admit my mind is elsewhere. Possibly on something mentioned above or on something unrelated like patterns on a carpet. I started drafting a new novel which I plan to turn into an entire series of books and the whole thing is just another topic to overthink on.

Speaking on the novels, fear of not accomplishing anything is something else that has weighed heavily on my mind, but I feel I that is another conversation.

I like to thank V over at #MILLENNIALLIFECRISIS for the inspiration of this post!

Thank you for reading.