The Elusive Pink Pretty Uni-Unicorn Comb.

Lucky couldn’t believe her eyes. It was him again: George. The two geese who followed him looked resentful as George moseyed around, surveying the place. There was a heavy silence in the room as George would look over to Lucky and Cyrus every so often with a gleam of triumph.

“O-Kee-kee, nice looking place you have here,” George said darkly. “I believe I made myself clear earlier, eekeekee. Get up, Cyrus. Your time is up.”

“Oh, cut it out, George,” one goose said aggressively. “He knows the story, so you don’t have t-t-to repeat yourself!”

“O-kee-kee, still bitter about Master Avery appointing me as the lead on today’s operations?” George asked smugly. “All that sucking up you both did for the Master didn’t exactly land you into the position you wanted, eh? Eekeekee.”

The goose wanted to argue George down, but his partner quickly intervened before things got too carried away. George laughed to himself and turned his attention back to Cyrus and Lucky. “Now, uh, where was I…? Oh! Yes! Now Cyrus, there was a little deal between you and my Master, and you didn’t uphold your end of the bargain so you gotta come with us.”

Lucky stared at Cyrus in disbelief. A deal with Avery? She questioned to herself. This is a lieThere was no way that Cyrus could ever be in cohoots with such a

But Felix’s words echoed in her mind. Don’t trust trash rats like that one, Lucky. It will only hurt you. Was this what Felix was referring to? How could she be so dimwitted? How did she forget about the laws in this new world she inhabited?

“W-well, it ‘as taken more ‘ime than me had ‘hought,” Cyrus said. “ya see, trackin’ down za item ‘as been ‘ery difficult…”

“O-kee-kee, I am not here for excuses, Cyrus,” George said brutally. “You had made a deal with the Master that you would find it, eekeekee. Now I know the Master has been too busy to handle you himself which is why he sent me here.” He looked back at the geese for their scornful reaction. “I’m not so nice, you see. I respect the Master, and everyone should do the same. You promised. You didn’t find it. Now you face the repercussions.”

“W-wait!” Cyrus shouted. “Me need a ‘ittle more time! Me promise ta find it!”

“O-kee-kee, more time so you can run away after I leave? I don’t think so, eekeekee,” George said.

Lucky stood in front of Cyrus and hissed at the monkey as ferociously as she could. “H-he’s not going a-anywhere,” she said. Her body was shaking all over and George quickly took notice of the fact.

“O-kee-kee, not a very good guard you have there, Cyrus, eekeekee,” he said, as he gazed at the frightened feline. “That’s strange. I know I’ve seen you before… ah, whatever.”

“What is t-this it you’re referring to? Why does Cyrus have to track it down?” Lucky asked hurriedly. She wondered to herself if Cyrus had a method to escape, but each time her eyes drifted to him, he was just as terrified as she was!

One goose attempted to answer, but George interrupted quickly with a confident grin. “It is an item to present to him,” he said.

“T-that didn’t answer m-my question,” Lucky stammered.

“The Master hired the racoon to track down this a gift for the most wondrous guest that will visit us soon,” George said. “What we’re looking for only Cyrus and his gang of… rodents… can find as their expertise relies on trashcan exploration. An all elusive Pink Pretty Uni-Unicorn Comb with the stunning design of Meghan-corn of the Pretty Pack on the handle!”

“What?” Lucky yelped perplexedly. She looked at Cyrus, then back to George and vice versa once more. “Just a comb?! All this trouble for something Avery could have found himself?”

“W-well,” Cyrus said. “’hat is why zis is so hard ta find… Master ‘very p-paid me ‘ery highly in marba’s fa weeks ta find it, but such an item… zis ‘ruly elusive.”

“O-kee-kee, no excuses,” George said angrily. “Our guest will be very disappointed once he finds out about your failure! The Master has wished to meet him for ages and you mess up to this degree! Eekeekee, disgusting.”

George suddenly leapt toward Cyrus, but Lucky quickly intercepted him and tackled him. George barely felt that at all as he grabbed Lucky by the tail and flung her against the dirt wall. “MROW!” she squealed once she made contact. She tried picking herself up but shortly felt the geese presence near her.

“T-t-try not t-t-to get up again if ya know what’s good for ya,” one of them shrieked.

“Weren’t ya with Felix the other day?” The other asked. “Got t-t-tired of him already or something?”

Lucky groaned as she forced herself up but was quickly put down again by the geese. “CYRUS!” she cried.

Cyrus was running all over the dirt room to avoid George, who had trouble maneuvering around the cramped area. “Why don’t you stop running and face your punishment?” George yelled crossly. Cyrus paid him no mind.

George had enough. He made his way toward Lucky with a look of satisfaction. “You leave me no choice,” he said menacingly. With a powerful force, George slammed his foot atop Lucky’s body causing her to scream in pain.

Cyrus had stopped in his tracks a great distance from the monkey and yelped, “no!”


“C-Cyrus,” Lucky gasped. “… I-I’m fine! Just… need to… catch my breath… is al–”

George made another stomp on her frame and more screams filled the entire underground area.

Cyrus wasn’t looking at her, however. George, preoccupied with the cat, slipped up elsewhere… and Cyrus had noticed his mistake.

“CYRUS!” George said, snapping Cyrus from his wandering thoughts. “If anything happens to her, know it will be on your hands.”

Cyrus and Lucky stared into each other’s eyes at that moment. Lucky appeared to be on the edge of tears amid the pain all over her body and Cyrus looked conflicted yet determined.

“Sorry, Lucky,” Cyrus said. “We weren’t ‘ast enough ta escape ‘fore any of zis could happen… but zis is where you and me part…” Lucky watched Cyrus escape through the tunnel.

Suddenly, she had lost all optimism replaced with shock and scorn.