I admit it, I am easily distracted during my work. Whether it’s typing up a new blog post or writing a new chapter to As Luck Would Have It, my mind constantly wanders to what I could be doing: Reading, watching Netflix, browsing r/niceguy on Reddit or EtcetEra on ResetEra on my phone or playing something on the Switch. So much wasted time that could have been poured into a productive task… oh, I just finished checking on Twitter…

Are you like this as well?

Sometimes I shut off my phone, wear noise cancelling headphones and just focus on my work, but even gets old and my mind wants to know when can it finally get some relief.

I found that going to the library or writing outside, anywhere but home, helps me out a lot as there are minimum distractions that force me to go into overdrive. That’s where most of my blogging is done to be honest.

Are there any ways you keep yourself distraction free?

Thank you for reading.