George’s Plan.

“O-KEE-KEEEEE!!!” George screeched violently. He looked at the geese and shouted, “well? What are you waiting for, eekeekee? Go after him now!”

“But, what of t-t-this cat?” One of the two cried.

George breathed slowly through his nostrils with closed eyes. He wanted to let the anger of his screwup go, but the geese continued to question his orders. “O-kee-kee,” he muttered softly, “I got the cat, eekeekee. Just… go find him before I get more furious than I already am now. You won’t like me when that happens, okay?”

Frightened, but annoyed, the geese proceeded through the tunnel leaving just George and Lucky in the abandoned room. It terrified Lucky to be alone with the primate especially now she couldn’t move. Her whole body felt as if it was shattering to pieces.

“O-kee-kee,” George mumbled again, “tell me now, eekeekee. Where do you think our friend, Cyrus, has gone, hm?”

“… I don’t know…” Lucky moaned. “We… only met a few… days ago.” It was painful just communicating, but she felt she had to. Not responding to George could put her in an even worse predicament.

“O-kee-kee, are you lying?” George asked. “I don’t like liars now, eekeekee!”

“N-no,” Lucky panted, “I’m… telling you the truth! H-he only invited me… tonight… I-I didn’t think it would turn to this… honest!”

Unconvinced, George stared into Lucky’s large, watery green eyes for the longest minute of her life. She racked her brain with possible pleads why she should be let go, but none of them sounded convincing enough for someone like George.

“O-kee-kee, why do you look so familiar eekeekee?” George wondered out loud. When Lucky didn’t respond, he roared, “ANSWER ME NOW!”

Petrified, Lucky swiftly said, “w-we meet a few days ago… we were on Avery’s turf and we didn’t have the m-marbles to continue… or something like that… I-I was with my friends at the time…”

“O-kee-kee, and where are these friends now? Answer me quick, girl, eekeekee.”

“T-there at th-this hideout of ours… t-they don’t know that I-I’m here… please let me go back. I won’t say anything about this–”

But George wasn’t allowing that. He grabbed Lucky by her fur and climbed through the tunnel. The main dirt floor was quiet. It seemed a lot of them cleared out after the uproar on the lower ground. After surveying a little longer, he climbed through the entrance and was finally back outside. The warm air breezed across Lucky’s face which she liked; however, it was still darkness around them, scaring her further. George’s tight grip kept ahold of her.

“O-kee-kee, where did those geese go?” George asked himself.

Lucky audibly gasped seeing two animals alongside a patch of grass, knocked out cold. They were the same two animals with Cyrus earlier. She wondered if they were still alive, but she refused to ask George out of fear of the answer.

The geese returned a short moment later and appeared anxious.

George made a frown and said, “o-kee-kee, I guess he got away, eekeekee.”

The geese said nothing as they looked away from George’s livid expression. “O-kee-kee, okay here’s how it will go down. You two will take the fall for this, eekeekee.”

“WHAT!” the geese screamed in unison. George’s coldhearted decision shocked even Lucky.

George, however, was smiling again. He was calm and seemingly had everything figured out. “O-kee-kee, now I can’t take the fall for this, eekeekee,” he sneered. “Now here’s the story: I was busy dealing with this one,” he held up Lucky for the geese to see, “while you two dealt with Cyrus… and you lot failed in process. Simple as that.”

“T-T-THAT makes little sense,” one goose cried.

“Y-yeah,” the other said. “Master Avery t-t-tasked you to capture Cyrus! Won’t he question why we were t-t-trying to subdue him!?”

“O-kee-kee, which is exactly why I’m bringing the cat to back up the story, eekeekee. I didn’t expect the cat to be there- boom– it somehow got the drop on me and I had to deal with it instead of Cyrus.”

“T-t-there’s so many holes in this story,” a goose mumbled softly. “Why do we have t-t-to do t-t-this.”

“O-kee-kee, because if you don’t do it, you better believe there will be strict consequences from me, eekeekee,” George said, gripping tighter onto Lucky.

The geese exchanged sad looks and exhaled. They went into a few bushes and brought out a long brown rope. “O-kee-kee, we would have used this on Cyrus, but the situation obviously changed, eekeekee,” George said, chuckling. He hogtied Lucky and picked her up by the fur again. “That wasn’t so bad… but I guess you’re still reeling after that little scuffle.”

“P-please, let me go home,” Lucky cried.

“O-kee-kee, no can do!” George said. “You’re with us now, eekeekee. Try not to whine so much during the trip back to the Master’s.”

With Lucky in tow, the three of them began their long work to Avery’s treehouse in the wild park.

Meanwhile, Felix has awoken and frantically searched around for any sign of Lucky. The darkness blinded him, and yet he still barked her name.

“LUCKY!” Almond bellowed alongside him. “Oh, no… we’ve been at this for at least an hour now and still no sign of the poor thing. How could this have happened?”

Instead of questioning the circumstances, Felix continued to call for her as they moved through thick trees and tall grass. When his throat had had enough, he hurled himself against a tree trunk and groaned intensely. “I don’t understand… where did you go, Lucky.”

“Someone could have apprehended right under our noses, Felix,” Almond said. “There’s a thought.”

“No,” Felix creaked, “I think she would have at least alerted us if she was being kidnapped or some–”

He stopped talking at once, seeing an acquainted raccoon rustling from the out of the tall grass and into the sight of an angry-looking dog and a confused hamster.

“A-ah, i-it’s you,” Cyrus stuttered as he stumbled backward. “Nice weather?”

“Stay right where you are,” Felix woofed. “If you don’t, there’s no telling what I might do.”