Whenever we tend to get into a feeling of helplessness or sadness, we tend to find comfort in celebrated art such as music. We relate to the struggles of various artist across the globe and to look to them in that particular time of need for fulfillment. Today, I am going to list of five songs I have in heavy rotation whenever those sad moments occur to me.


BROCKHAMPTON, the LA-based boyband, has all seven performers singing a verse related to personal or internal struggles that they deal with. Delivered on “BLEACH” is a sad, haunting melody coursing throughout the entire track with lyrics that certainly had me contemplating my own struggles.

#2. u

To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar is one of the greatest albums of all time and the song “u” demonstrates that. Possibly Lamar’s most vulnerable song, “u” is a track about how complicated it can be to love oneself. It’s a song about pain, about how one could push others away in their own bouts of selfishness and dealing with the person one has become. It’s very powerful and a necessary song on an album that deals with the theme of self discovery.

#3. I Feel Like That

While “I Feel Like That” was never officially released to the public (maybe one day hopefully), leaks can still be found online. “I Feel Like That” details Kanye West’s struggles with depression, loneliness and anxiousness in a questionnaire styled song. For a character like West who has no problem creating music like “I Am A God”, “I Feel Like That” shows a more humble side to him. A more pained side.

#4. Let it All Work Out

For what felt like an eternity, “Tha Carter V’ finally released back in 2018. “Let It All Work Out” is the outro to the album and samples soul singer Sampha’s 2013 song “Indecision”. The tracks details a suicide attempt Wayne undertaken at the age of 12. The song gives a cheery message to keep working and let everything around oneself to work out.

#5. Reborn

“KIDS SEE GHOST”, the long awaited collaboration album between Kanye West and Kid Cudi , showcases both individual’s wonderful talents while talking on themes like depression and suicide. Here on “Reborn”, Kanye details how he used to really leave home for the fear of being ridiculed while Cudi explains how his personal demons prevented him from loving himself. At the end of the song, it’s explained that we all should keep moving forward in life.

Thank you for reading.