I had zero expectations going into this film. The name “Wes Anderson” did not mean much as I have watched none of his films beforehand. The excitement for this movie on the internet, however, was palpable. Seemingly every website I had visited was in love with this movie as soon as the director’s name and the official trailer dropped. Me, being late to the party as always, wanted to understand just why… and I’m glad I did because this movie is a treat.

Because of an outbreak of “canine flu”, a new law takes effect banishing all dogs in the fictional city of Megasaki to an island named Trash Island. Spots, a black and white colored dog, is the first dog deported. This doesn’t sit right with the 12-year-old protagonist, Atari, who flies his personal plane to the island to rescue canine companion with the help of a pack of dogs he befriended along the way.

The beautiful stop-motion animation and unique landscapes of the world enticed me to further explore the backgrounds and the happenings. The story was enticing and the characters never failed in making me smile throughout the ride. One detail I noticed was the attention and love put into every shot of the film giving the audience the chance to point out anything new they’ve found during replays.

You can tell Anderson has a lot of love for Japan thanks to the outstanding soundtrack and twist on Japanese imagery. As a fan of Japanese culture, I was grinning ear to ear watching the lovely locals.

Give this movie a chance if you’re loving for a fun adventure that’s under 2 hours long. The film has something for both children and adults to enjoy with its compelling characters, well-done animation, and wonderful world building. I have decided to look into Wes Anderson‘s films thanks to this movie.

Thank you for Reading.