Stay Tuned for Quote’s Unremarkable Life

stay tuned for quote's unremarkable life

Stay tuned for Quote’s Unremarkable Life

Hi everyone! I thought about releasing the fifth episode to Quote’s Unremarkable Life, I had decided to scrap it the episode. The thing is, I want to redo Quote’s series from the very beginning due to having a better understanding of the world I want to create. What does this mean? I want to redraw the series, giving it a fresh coat of paint, and a fresh cohesive story. So please stay tuned for Quote’s Unremarkable Life!

While I won’t redo every single panel, I do plan on reformatting the comic to fit the standards of the site Webtoons, a webcomic haven for many aspiring artists. I hope you all understand.

My Twitter and Instagram are @happytimesketch and I will be posting more information over those platforms as well. Thanks for reading!

In the meantime, check out Nina’s Character Design, a post featuring the new character named Nina with her friend Mindy. Don’t forget to also check out Her Downtime and a blog post on the future of my blog!

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